This section of the site contains aviation information that may be of use or interest to some visitors, including a picture of the luxurious Megginson Technologies corporate jet.

Blog: Land and Hold Short

The best aviation blog written by the owner of a 1979 Warrior II that we know of, at least on this web site.

The World's Best Flight Simulator [external]

Well, maybe not, but it's Open Source, and it's the only one that runs under Linux (it also runs under MacOS X, Solaris, Irix, FreeBSD, and some operating system called "Windows", whatever that is).

A Circuit in FlightGear [external]

I wrote this tutorial a while back, with screenshots from a now badly-outdated version of FlightGear, to help simulator users learn the basics of take-off and landing without destroying the plane. Click on the thumbnails to see what's going on at each stage.

Turbulence Reporting Criteria

These are the turbulence reporting criteria from the Canadian Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP): what you thought of as heavy turbulence on your last commercial flight probably qualified only as light chop.

Air Navigation

This page contains links to freely-redistributable databases and charts for air navigation. This is a great place to go if you want to roll your own GPS database, design a flight simulator or a flight-planning application, build an electronic flight management system, or just print out plates to plan for your next flight.

Flying by the Numbers

If you're an engineer, or like to impersonate one, you'll find performance measurements, coefficients, and that kind of thing here. If you don't know what any of that means, you really don't need to visit.

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