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SAX: the Simple API for XML

[Java] http://www.saxproject.org/

David initiated and led an informal group of developers to create SAX, a standard application interface for processing XML. SAX is widely recognized and widely supported throughout the XML community and industry.

runmysql: MySQL command-line tool wrapper

[Perl and MySQL] runmysql.gz

A simple perl wrapper around the mysql(1) command-line tool to allow setting user variables from the command line - allows the creation of parameterized SQL scripts.

NewsML Toolkit

[Java] http://newsml-toolkit.sourceforge.net/

An Open Source Java library for working with the NewsML standard for newswire distribution.


[Perl] http://www.cpan.org/modules/by-module/XML/

[Java] xml-writer-0.2.zip

Although David no longer actively maintains them, the XMLWriter libraries for Perl and Java are widely used by software that generates XML documents.

RDF Filter

[Java] http://rdf-filter.sourceforge.net/

RDF filter is a SAX filter that hides the complexities of RDF syntax from programs, so that they can concentrate on the RDF logic. RDFFilter is used in many Java-based RDF software packages.


[Perl] http://www.cpan.org/modules/by-module/SGMLS/

David wrote this Perl package in the mid 1990's, before XML existed, and it was used by many SGML installations pioneering processing techniques that they would later perfect with XML.